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My husband the Red Panda is playing Assasins Creed: Revelations right now. I really love observing this game, but  I have one huge issue. Fracking piles of freakin hay will not save you from leap to your stupid doom jumps! I mean they are on the ground! YOU WOULD DIE! This hay business makes no sense at all!  No hay death, stabbed in the throat death, poison death, but a pile of fracking Hay
LIFE! WTF! My head hurts and my blood pressure is going up! Jeez!


It’s the start of another week here, and its another night of geektastic fun! Tonight Panther and I will be observing our weekly night of  karaoke with our friends. The reason why it’s called Suit Up Sunday you ask? I have decided to take a page from our good friend Barney Stinson from How I Met Your Mother and suit up! I agree with him that there never has to be a reason why a man can’t just throw on a suit when going out and look awesome. I encourage all my geek brethren to suit up, get out, and rock the town. Show the world just how epic we are!

As promised here are the pics from last nights awesomeness!

From left to right; Wheelie, Red Panda, Alex, Honey Badger, Jeremiah, Panther Prowl, and Colleen.

Your most awesome geek bloggers, Alex and Panther Prowl. 

Panther and Honey Badger striking a pose!

Alex and Honey Badger rock the house.

Panther showing off her amazing voice.

A couple of girls doing the robot while Mr. Roboto was being sung. Too awesome!


Geeks around the world can rejoice again as today is Geek Pride Day! Today is also the day that Star Wars: A New Hope hit theaters, as well as Towel Day for Hitchhiker fans, and the Glorious 25 May for fans of Terry Pratchett’s Discworld. As our way to honor today we are showing off possibly the most amazing cosplay costume designed thus far. Anthony Le over at has created the most amazing Iron Man costume ever!

Not only does this armor just look frakking spectacular, but Master Le has gone the extra mile to make some parts of the armor motorized!

This man is truly an artist and his love and dedication to his craft are without question.

As today is Geek Pride Day, Panther and I will be celebrating with friends tonight at a BBQ. Afterwards we will all be heading to a local watering hole for some karaoke and general mischief. To all our fellow geeks out there, embrace your geek, love your geek, and don’t forget to get outside and enjoy what the world has to offer!



So I was perusing around the Facespace today wasting time and procrastinating, like pretty much everyone else on the damn site. When I came across a gem of a video on a friends page. Titanic super 3D! My thoughts when I saw the post with the inviting” lol” above it were along the lines of “Hmm… lol, Titanic is not lol, why would they write such a thing? I must click to solve the mystery of how something sad and sappy suddenly be lol and awesome.”

So I proceded with caution and clicked the video below the puzzling “lol” and my eyes and ears were blessed with glorious visions of awesome and hilarity where origanilly there was none! I was so overwhelmed by the amazing, fantastic, and astounding images before me that I had to share it with all the world so that they too can be blessed as I have been.

Prepare yourself for glorious laughter and holy explosions:

Titanic Super 3D by PistolShrimps

These guys are so awesome

subscribe to Pistolshrimps on youtube or go to their facebook at

Panther Prowl
Live long and prosper in the force of rock on awesome!

For all of you who partied like it was fracking 1999 in 1999 or any year really, but now feel that you are too old to get down till you died from too much joy.

Now you can party hard and still be a boring (and really tacky) grown up!

And for those of you that want to be all green and shit whlie partying

Ceramic red cup from Think!! So awesome!! Just don’t get to wobbly in the legs with these or you will end up with yet another story involving tequila  and ER nurses shaking their heads at you and calling you stupid.

During my first tour in Iraq back in 2004, my grandfather sent me a care package with all the usual goodies. Along with everything there was a book written by Mr. Patrick McManus. Normally my grandfathers tastes in reading are completely different, but since he sent it to me i decided to give it a try. After only a few pages into the book I was already rolling with laughter. The books are written along the lines as if you were sitting with your own grandfather listening to him tell you grandiose tales of his life. The stories are obviously embellished and some of the things that happen completely defy the laws of physics. This only makes the stories even more entertaining and hilarious. The books are around 200 pages long so they will not take very long to make it through. I recommend everyone to read through at least one book. I am now hooked and can’t for the next crazy story.



So I have just started playing Fable III and it is awesome!! I know it’s an old one but I am an Otaku (anime geek for the un-educated) not a gamer. I much prefer staring mindlessly at my entertainment like it’s a porno mag then interact with like its my talks too much and breaks all my shit when it gets mad girlfriend! In other words I am a serious commitment phobe when it comes to my entertainment. But with Fable III I am becoming Edward Cullen, I am stalking it, I think about it all the time, I even watch it when it fracking sleeps! yeah, I am  a game creeper I think I need some sort of intervention and its only been one fracking day!!! I am sooooo fighting the urge to play this sleep depriving amazingness even as I type this rant/whine but it is so fantabulous that i am starting to feel like a starfleet crew on an awkward picnic with the Borg! Resistance is futile you will play volleyball!! STOP CALLING YOU FRACKING AWESOMNESS OF AWESOME! That’s it, I am going outside for a bit so that I no longer have to hear your sirens call!!

Panther Prowl

“Live long and Prosper in the powers of rock on awesome!”