What is a Geek Exactly?

Posted: May 16, 2012 in Random Geeky Awesomeness
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Hello and welcome to Geeks Who Play Outside, where two geeks will share with other geeks on how to relate to the outsiders known as humans. We will also be talking about other geeky things that catch our interest.

The first thing that must be made clear to all is what a geek is. A geek is someone who is REALLY into their hobbies or interests. So much so that we can forget to eat or bathe and going outside is a foreign concept to some also we for some reason have an urge  to  kill (verbally) anyone who gets pop culture references and facts wrong. This is a grave offense, do not do this we will stab you with a fucking pen and then giggle at your pain!!! Oh wait…that’s just me I’m a little violent but I’m adorable so you will forgive me later. But anyway back to what I was saying we geeks also favor t-shirts with anime, games, movies, and funny sayings on  them as well as old jeans and beat up tennis shoes. We will also buy over priced toys and games before we pay rent and get food , cause a storm trooper helmet is way more important than a place to live and eating!! AMEN!

So there you have it a basic overview of  what a geek is and what we do. So until next time children, live long and prosper in the power of rock on awesome!

Panther Prowl


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