A Version of Titanic Everyone Will Enjoy

Posted: May 25, 2012 in Movies, Random Geeky Awesomeness
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So I was perusing around the Facespace today wasting time and procrastinating, like pretty much everyone else on the damn site. When I came across a gem of a video on a friends page. Titanic super 3D! My thoughts when I saw the post with the inviting” lol” above it were along the lines of “Hmm… lol, Titanic is not lol, why would they write such a thing? I must click to solve the mystery of how something sad and sappy suddenly be lol and awesome.”

So I proceded with caution and clicked the video below the puzzling “lol” and my eyes and ears were blessed with glorious visions of awesome and hilarity where origanilly there was none! I was so overwhelmed by the amazing, fantastic, and astounding images before me that I had to share it with all the world so that they too can be blessed as I have been.

Prepare yourself for glorious laughter and holy explosions:

Titanic Super 3D by PistolShrimps

These guys are so awesome

subscribe to Pistolshrimps on youtube or go to their facebook at http://www.facebook.com/Pistolshrimps

Panther Prowl
Live long and prosper in the force of rock on awesome!


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