Observational Gaming

Posted: June 23, 2012 in Games
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Lightning from Final Fantasy XII

Today I would like to discuss a non interactive gaming style. That style is what I like to call observational gaming (OG). Never heard of this term right, sounds all kind of wrong right? Before ya’ll freak out I’ll explain. Observational gaming is fully enjoying a game for all its awesome without having to actually play. Now this type of gaming is perfect for couples where one person is a gamer and the other is so not. This style solves the really big issue of the game system causing your partner to feel like the third wheel in their own relationship. And that is no fun for anybody now is it?

Snake From Metal Gear Solid 4

Now games that work really well for this type of game style are ones with an excellent plot, beautiful graphics, and rocking cut scenes. Some examples of games that fit this style would be like the “Final Fantasy” franchise because it’s really eye catching and sometimes has a decent story. ” Assassins Creed” for it’s historical accuracy (minus the hay pile issue. Grr Argh!), visually it is stunning, the assassins have amazing costumes, and the story flows very well throughout the series.  And finally “Metal Gear Solid”  especially the most recent one; because it is gritty, realistic, and you really feel for Snake in all that he does that the  OG actually wants to help the active gamer (AG) achieve there objectives, this game is that appealing (at least for me anyway.)

Aveline From Assassins Creed 3- Liberation on PS Vita. I chose her cause I so do not think that it’s right to mitgate the black female to the smaller platform. And Alex says Damn Right!

Other games that are also good for OG’s are the Uncharted series, according to Alex it’s like watching your AG play an Indiana Jones movie and the Star Wars game for the Kinect while a little tipsy is also fun to OG.

Well that is a brief summary of OG style and some games to try it out on. So have fun and get observing!

Panther Prowl

“Live Long and Prosper in the Force of Rock on Awesome!”

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    I truly appreciate this post. I’ve been looking all over for this! Thank goodness I found it on Bing. You have made my day! Thx again!

  2. Yeah bookmaking this wasn’t a speculative determination great post!

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