That’s a Plan?

Posted: June 29, 2012 in Random Geeky Awesomeness
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Thankfully things are coming together for our Geek Fashion section. We hope to start that segment soon, and after what I heard the other day it is imperative we do. In one of my night classes there is this guy, we will call him Noob. Trust me after this story the name will apply. He is a fairly heavy gamer. From his own admittance he spends all his free time gaming, and the numbers he has given on his free time are quite high.

He stated one evening that he wants to find this elusive creature that most geeks and gamers claim to be after, a “Girl”. Now from previous conversations with this individual I know that he does not like to get out of the house and socialize. He claims to be content with his current methods of socializing, which are talking to his other gamer buddies on either his console or computer. During the conversation we were having with Noob he made the statement that he would have to cut down on his raiding time in order to spend time with this Girl that he claimed to want. Knowing the fact that he refuses to leave his games for almost any reason automatically placed this statement into the realm of facepalm worthy.

Once I managed to calm down from laughing hysterically at his statement I then asked Noob how he planned to meet and court a Girl since he had no intention of leaving his parents house. The brilliant plan that he has come up with is to have his sister, who is a nurse, bring home women that she works with and introduce them to Noob. Now I know many of you are no doubt, as I did, suspect that he was not serious. Noob was completely serious! He actually believes that this plan will succeed in finding him that “special someone”.

For anyone thinking that this is a good plan, stop that train of thought immediately. The only thing this plan is garuanteed to do is fail miserably. Before writing this post I even ran that plan by some women I know and some that I didn’t know to get a female perspective on this “plan”. Had Noob been there his little heart would have been crushed at the overwhelming ridicule of his “plan”. I hate to break it to all you geeks out there, but if you truly want to catch one of these elusive creatures you are going to have to actually go outside and put forth some effort. You don’t necessarily have to take them to Paris to woo them, but it will require more effort then just you had some time in between raids. I am not asking you to give up your gaming, I haven’t given up mine, but there is much more to life then just punching buttons on a controller.



  1. Red Panda says:

    Too true! Preach, Broda, preach!

  2. I am widely regarded as socially inept and romantically hopeless and even *I* know this plan is full of fail.

  3. cheredarenee says:

    oh sweet schadenfreude! I wan t to watch him crash and burn!

    • I know right? This kind of thinking is why some geeks never get a girl. It makes me oh so sad for this young man. I hope he realizes soon that this is so not the way to get a partner.

      Panther Prowl

      “Live Long and Prosper in the Powers of Rock On Awesome!”

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