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It’s the start of another week here, and its another night of geektastic fun! Tonight Panther and I will be observing our weekly night of  karaoke with our friends. The reason why it’s called Suit Up Sunday you ask? I have decided to take a page from our good friend Barney Stinson from How I Met Your Mother and suit up! I agree with him that there never has to be a reason why a man can’t just throw on a suit when going out and look awesome. I encourage all my geek brethren to suit up, get out, and rock the town. Show the world just how epic we are!

As promised here are the pics from last nights awesomeness!

From left to right; Wheelie, Red Panda, Alex, Honey Badger, Jeremiah, Panther Prowl, and Colleen.

Your most awesome geek bloggers, Alex and Panther Prowl. 

Panther and Honey Badger striking a pose!

Alex and Honey Badger rock the house.

Panther showing off her amazing voice.

A couple of girls doing the robot while Mr. Roboto was being sung. Too awesome!