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Die Hard 5?

Posted: June 4, 2012 in Movies
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So many of you have heard the same rumor that I have, Hollywood is making another Die Hard movie. I personally am a big fan of the franchise and Bruce Willis as an actor so I am stoked for this. During lunch Panther and I were talking about where they could possibly take this movie. The first movie had John McClane taking on the terrorists in a high rise. Next movie he saved an airport. The third saw him save the entire city of New York. The fourth in the series he saves the entire country, fighting against crazed cyber terrorists. How could you make another movie and possibly top saving an entire country. Panther and I were kicking around some ideas and I think we may have hit on it. Die Hard 5: McClain saves Mars. Similar plot along the lines of Jason X; freeze him, send him into space decades later, and kick some bad guy ass. After saving a country you can only go up from there, which means a whole planet would be next. Granted this will never happen, but for a campy, let’s just watch this movie to see things blow up with an over the top story line, this is it. When we put our heads together here at GWPO you never know what will come out of it. Cheers.



So I was perusing around the Facespace today wasting time and procrastinating, like pretty much everyone else on the damn site. When I came across a gem of a video on a friends page. Titanic super 3D! My thoughts when I saw the post with the inviting” lol” above it were along the lines of “Hmm… lol, Titanic is not lol, why would they write such a thing? I must click to solve the mystery of how something sad and sappy suddenly be lol and awesome.”

So I proceded with caution and clicked the video below the puzzling “lol” and my eyes and ears were blessed with glorious visions of awesome and hilarity where origanilly there was none! I was so overwhelmed by the amazing, fantastic, and astounding images before me that I had to share it with all the world so that they too can be blessed as I have been.

Prepare yourself for glorious laughter and holy explosions:

Titanic Super 3D by PistolShrimps

These guys are so awesome

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Panther Prowl
Live long and prosper in the force of rock on awesome!

Posted: May 17, 2012 in Movies
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I so love these movies!!! And those are so horrible places to work!! LOL!!

If the zeitgeist is to be believed, you’re supposed to hate your job. You get up, you go to work, you do something you never wanted to do for a living, you come home, you begin to hate 40 hours (or more) out of your week a little more each day. Rinse, repeat. I am not one of those people. I thoroughly enjoy what I do for a living, and the people I work with. Mostly, I’m thankful that I don’t work at these nine places from the movies.

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