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I so love that my Vampire Knight necklace goes so well with this dress! Getting more uses out of cosplay items for the win! If you have any cosplay pieces that you have spent a lot of moolah on for con dust them off my fellow otakus and pair them with whatever awesome things you have in your closet! Because for all that money you spent on that outfit it should get as much use as possible. That Yoruichi halter top you haven’t touched in a year pair it with some cute jeans, a blazer, and some kick ass heels (or flats) and BAM you’ll be the hottest thing in the bar!  And Geek fellas anything Tony Stark  (not Iron Man) will get girls to buy you drinks. So if you cosplayed as that gorgeous man you’re so gold my dear.

Panther Prowl

“Live Long and Prosper in the Powers of Rock on Awesome!”


So I just got finished watching High School of the Dead and it was amazing! The art work was beautiful, the story was scary and sexy all at the same time. I have not been so pleased with an anime since cowboy beebop and that was long time ago. All I have to say is if you love zombies and panty shots this is a must see! I will have more of a re view later but this is my geek squeel on HOTD. So full of awesome!

Panther Prowl
“Live Long and Prosper in the Force of Rock on Awesome! “

So I have just started playing Fable III and it is awesome!! I know it’s an old one but I am an Otaku (anime geek for the un-educated) not a gamer. I much prefer staring mindlessly at my entertainment like it’s a porno mag then interact with like its my talks too much and breaks all my shit when it gets mad girlfriend! In other words I am a serious commitment phobe when it comes to my entertainment. But with Fable III I am becoming Edward Cullen, I am stalking it, I think about it all the time, I even watch it when it fracking sleeps! yeah, I am  a game creeper I think I need some sort of intervention and its only been one fracking day!!! I am sooooo fighting the urge to play this sleep depriving amazingness even as I type this rant/whine but it is so fantabulous that i am starting to feel like a starfleet crew on an awkward picnic with the Borg! Resistance is futile you will play volleyball!! STOP CALLING YOU FRACKING AWESOMNESS OF AWESOME! That’s it, I am going outside for a bit so that I no longer have to hear your sirens call!!

Panther Prowl

“Live long and Prosper in the powers of rock on awesome!”