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I so love that my Vampire Knight necklace goes so well with this dress! Getting more uses out of cosplay items for the win! If you have any cosplay pieces that you have spent a lot of moolah on for con dust them off my fellow otakus and pair them with whatever awesome things you have in your closet! Because for all that money you spent on that outfit it should get as much use as possible. That Yoruichi halter top you haven’t touched in a year pair it with some cute jeans, a blazer, and some kick ass heels (or flats) and BAM you’ll be the hottest thing in the bar!  And Geek fellas anything Tony Stark  (not Iron Man) will get girls to buy you drinks. So if you cosplayed as that gorgeous man you’re so gold my dear.

Panther Prowl

“Live Long and Prosper in the Powers of Rock on Awesome!”


Geeks around the world can rejoice again as today is Geek Pride Day! Today is also the day that Star Wars: A New Hope hit theaters, as well as Towel Day for Hitchhiker fans, and the Glorious 25 May for fans of Terry Pratchett’s Discworld. As our way to honor today we are showing off possibly the most amazing cosplay costume designed thus far. Anthony Le over at has created the most amazing Iron Man costume ever!

Not only does this armor just look frakking spectacular, but Master Le has gone the extra mile to make some parts of the armor motorized!

This man is truly an artist and his love and dedication to his craft are without question.

As today is Geek Pride Day, Panther and I will be celebrating with friends tonight at a BBQ. Afterwards we will all be heading to a local watering hole for some karaoke and general mischief. To all our fellow geeks out there, embrace your geek, love your geek, and don’t forget to get outside and enjoy what the world has to offer!